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Dear Fluffy Peeps!

I’m at BarkWorld! You may ask “What is BarkWorld?”  Well, besides being the most perfect world to be in, it is the funnest social media conference for us to hang out in October. We’re here with our humans, since, because after all,  learning is privilege for all creatures!

This is my third time at #BarkWorld, and this is what happened last year:

Stay tuned, as I update you! It will be three awesome days!  Read my blog!


Niqqi’s Story

This is Niqqi's story on how she found her forever family.

This is the story of how I found my forever family and my forever home.  Let’s say that there was a little mix up in Heaven…

There I was, sitting in God’s office, waiting to pick my parents. You know the drill:  you go into God’s office, you are shown several candidates and… Read the whole story.